Sponsorship Opportunities

By joining the Procurement in Healthcare Forum, you are tapping into a targeted pool of prospective clients from around Australia who are desperate for procurement solutions and state of the art inventory.

Through interactive roundtables, keynote speeches, panels, and dedicated networking sessions, you will gain direct insight into the challenges and opportunities that healthcare providers are currently experiencing. Most of the providers you will meet are in a transition phase, whether it be from paper to digital processes, ad hoc to long-term purchasing orders, or even embarking on a journey to improve their ESG.

Thus, by directly connecting with these procurement leaders, you can stand out from the crowd at just the right time – a time when providers are eager to invest in long-term solutions and forge long lasting partnerships.
Who should Sponsor?
Procurement software  |  ERP/SaaS financial platforms  |  Procurement consultants  |  Spend management  |  Medical technology and devices  |  Inventory Management  |  Pharmaceutical Companies  |  Medical Waste Management  |  Medical equipment suppliers  |  Contract Management Systems