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At Infosys Portland, we’re on a mission to lead our clients' procurement and supply chain functions into the future by delivering value today. For more than 20 years, we have worked with some of Australia’s largest organisations to successfully navigate complex transformations that deliver outstanding outcomes, which are recognised by industry bodies and leading research analysts. Our expertise and deep domain understanding of how procurement and supply chain supports and drives the organisation forward is what sets us apart. We bring leading thinking across multiple industries to help our clients maximise their potential.
Our Healthcare Practice is founded on the understanding that patient outcomes are at the core of all our work.  Our consultants work with clients to address some of the greatest challenges in Healthcare procurement today, whether delivering digital procurement through enhanced systems, achieving better availability of key clinical items through improved inbound supply chain or addressing increasing health cost through negotiating improved input costs - delivering for patients is at the heart of what we do.

Established in 2002, Prospitalia h-trak is a provider of software solutions and services, specialising in mobile, point of care solutions for the Healthcare industry. Prospitalia h-trak solutions are used in critical care environments (e.g. Operating Theatres, Cath Labs, Day Surgery, Endoscopy and Interventional Radiology) for: 
  1. Patient level activity based costing 
  2. Improving supply chain efficiency 
  3. Improving data collection accuracy 
  4. Tracking prostheses 
  5. Procedure and Prosthetics Billing 
  6. Business intelligence 
  7. Business process automation 
In summary, h-trak is the "bridge" that connects the clinical front line with the administrative and business functions of hospitals. 

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TechnologyOne (ASX: TNE) is Australia’s largest enterprise software company and one of Australia’s top 150 ASX-listed companies, with locations across six countries. We provide a global SaaS ERP solution that transforms business and makes life simple for our customers. Our deeply integrated enterprise SaaS solution is available on any device, anywhere and any time and is incredibly easy to use. Over 1,200 leading corporations, government agencies, local councils, and universities are powered by our software.  
For more than 32 years, we have been providing our customers enterprise software that evolves and adapts to new and emerging technologies, allowing them to focus on their business and not technology.

Amplify provide specialised procurement services that support our clients to achieve their targets and get the job done. 
Founded in 2018, Amplify is an Australian SME with a commitment to growing and developing procurement capability locally.  
The Amplify team currently consists of 20+ active procurement professionals across NSW, VIC and QLD who specialise in procurement, including deep health sector expertise. Our team bring significant knowledge and experience in Prostheses, Medical Consumables, Medical Equipment, Clinical Services, Pharmacy, Facilities, ICT and Indirects.  
We are actively working with some of the largest health organisations in Australia including public health providers, private hospital providers, primary care providers and private health funds to navigate procurement challenges and deliver outcomes. 
As procurement professionals, Amplify have three non-negotiables when it comes to supporting our clients: 
Our people are sector and category specialists who provide recent and relevant experience to complement your team. 
We work with clients to build the contribution of procurement within your organisation. 
We offer better value for money procurement services over typical contracting, consulting and recruitment options.

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The freedom to be strategic 
Portt is your intelligent procurement, contracts and supplier management platform; here to enable the strategic potential of your procurement team. Streamline the necessary, unlock the opportunity, realise the outcomes.  
Portt is the fastest-growing provider of SaaS procurement, contract and supplier management products across Australia and New Zealand. 
Founded in 2010, the company boasts a strong track record of annual growth and a reputation for doing business with some of the most complex public and private sector customers in the region. 
Designed for the modern enterprise, the Portt platform takes your sourcing activities and supplier contracts and transforms them into strategic business assets. 
Best-of-breed capabilities across the source-to-contract lifecycle and delivered on a foundation of industry best practice, Portt’s customer centric platform provides you the building blocks to solve for today and plan for tomorrow. 


Softmed -Australia’s firstand only ‘green’ energy Infection Control & Medical Product Manufacturer
Softmed is a unique Australian business –a next-generation manufacturer of infection control, personal and protective equipment.
The business was established at the height of a global pandemic and is now recognised as an industry leader in the global healthcare, medical and consumer markets. The company established a state-of-art, purpose-built, eco-safe PPEfacility in Victoria, catering to the complete non-woven fabric needs ofthe healthcare, PPE,and infection control sectors.
The factory itself is fitted with solar panels that provide operating power, as well as HEPA filtration, particle, temperature control, and a level 7 medical clean room environment.
To guarantee quality, a fully equipped Softmed laboratory tests every batch of material and products.Softmed has now expanded production from manufacturing millions of surgical face masks per day to a full range of non-woven products such as surgical and N95/P2 masks, surgical and isolation gowns, disposable bed covers, compression stockings and much-needed sterilization wrap.
The company recently obtained certification to export respirators, masks and other products to Europe, the US and UAE.
With a mission to supply end-to-end self-sufficiency to the Australian healthcare, PPE,and infection control sectors, Softmed will soon become the country’s only manufacturer of critical base-materials such as melt blown and spun bond. Softmed Guaranteeing Consistency in Quality and Supply –An Australian Success Story